Why Trade Forex? Forex Trading in South Africa comes with benefits

Forex is undoubtedly the most thriving financial sector in the world today. Foreign currency market was established with the sole aim of supporting international business and trade. The growth of international trade and tourism had given rise to a potent earning platform – called Forex.

The present day world is witnessing a significant trend; more and more traders are joining the fray to snatch earning opportunity that exists in Forex trade.

Forex is often compared to stock market. However, the earning possibilities associated with the currency market far outweigh the advantages of trading in stock.

Why Forex trade is better than spilling money on stock

For all the stock enthusiasts who believe no trade is better than stock, here is why you should trade Forex rather than stock.

  • The initial expense to begin a Forex trade is very low, compared to stock market, where companies often require stock traders to purchase stock of certain value. The minimum value for buying stock is often quite high, hundreds of dollars as initial investment is usually the norm. On the other hand, you may start your Forex adventure by paying start up costs as low as $1. Many Forex firms allow traders to deal in micro lots with low denomination.
  • Stock traders have to wait for the opening bell in the morning. Foreign exchange market never sleeps. It’s open 24 hours a day, except for weekends.
  • The most striking feature of Forex trade is the high leverage it offers to its traders. Though, you are advised not to opt for such high leverage, you may lose, if your equations go wrong. The leverage offered in stocks is ridiculously low, and stands pale to what you get in currency trades. The leverage in stock is approximately 100% lower than what you get in Forex trade.
  • Another significant aspect of Forex trade is less option and therefore, less confusion. In stocks, you may be scratching your heads to choose from thousands of stock, and figuring out the best possible option. But in currency trade, you can choose to slash down your target, buy couple of currency pairs, and count your winning bid.

Forex trading tutorial for beginners

Prime benefits of Forex trading:

The benefit associated with Forex Trade is vast.

Open to all: Imagine sitting in the confines of your home, and indulging in trade and even walking away with profits. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a full time office worker, you can still steal enough time from your schedule, plug your laptop and start dealing in currency pairs. That’s the kind of advantage you get when you deal in Forex platform. The unique feature of foreign exchange market is its acceptability. It’s open to all, whether you are a self employed, or an unemployed youth, the platform invites everyone to its fold to try their hand and hit a winning run.

Trade from anywhere: More importantly, you can choose to trade, irrespective of your location. You maybe residing in South Pole, or in North Pole, or in some remote region in an uninhabited island, make sure that you have an internet connection and a computer, or a laptop, and that is all you need to trade Forex.

Liquidity: Foreign currency market is also considered as the most liquid market in the financial world, especially for hot currency pairs. The volume of Forex trade is huge, and that makes the trade very liquid. The nature of Forex trade is such that you normally do not end up losing on trades.

Trade with Meta Trader 4

Trading with Meta Trader 4 enlightens your experience of Forex trade. It makes your Forex Trade more purposeful. The expert solution offered on the Meta Trader 4 platform make Forex trade very stable and reliable.
If you ever think that Forex trade would be difficult and hard to understand, use Meta Trader 4, and you would find the trading analysis look so easy. The trading platform provides you with charts and technical analysis and guides you to trade on the best currency pair.

The best feature associated with Meta Trader 4 platform is its multilingual platform interface. Language is not allowed to stand in the way of your success, that‘s what Meta Trader 4 do. Its sublime function gives you every reason to trade Forex.

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