Trading Online for Beginners in South Africa Guide 2021! How to do online trading in South Africa? Trading online in South Africa can be done on a computer or a smartphone. In this trading online for beginners South Africa guide, you will discover how to learn trading online South Africa. Discover how to learn to trade forex for beginners. This online trading for beginners in South Africa guide for 2021 is free to read and discover your journey to online trading.

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Now, if you have a personal computer or a mobile device and an Internet service, it is possible to make money from trading online in South Africa. Online investments are now within reach, and they have very affordable costs. They offer an effective means to connect you with the best online business in South Africa.

Trading online for beginners in South Africa

What is online trading? As a beginner, you must know that online trading is the activity of buying and selling financial instruments and products, with the aim of making money based on their variations. It is carried out through a broker that provides an online investment platform.

There, the basic game of trading is carried out, which consists of betting on financial assets waiting for them to increase in value, to obtain benefits. The profit will depend on the level of variation in the relevant asset between the opening and closing of the position. After reading this trading online for beginners in South Africa, you will be able to trade and make money online on your own.

online trading for beginners in South Africa

Online Trading for Beginners in South Africa

There are many types of online trading, but it should be noted that investment platforms have become universal, due to their quick access, learning tools and their unlimited service around the world.

Today there is an online business in South Africa that can be easily accessed and made a profit through profitable investment operations.

How to trade online in South Africa for beginners?

To trade online in South Africa, you must choose a trading platform, in which it is possible to buy shares, raw materials, or invest in CFDS, among others. It is an activity that can be exciting, as it is very lucrative and offers a large profit margin.

But getting results is neither easy nor miraculous. It is vital to learn to trade online, choose a broker and a trading platform suitable for the needs and experience level of each investor.

They work basically as a traditional broker does, only it does it through the internet, with intuitive options and at an affordable cost. That is why it has become the ideal means to generate income and dividends that support the personal economy.

Online trading platform for beginners

It can be said that the trading platform is defined by the form it takes to be used, which is the trading software or the application through which the service is accessed. It is a stock exchange application that is used to open, close, and manage positions in the financial markets.

They are run through brokers who offer such software for free with the benefit of gaining trading accounts with funds to carry out trading operations.

This is how buyers and sellers who transact from wherever they are connect through the Internet. You can also participate in specialized markets that were previously accessible only to large brokerage firms.

In the framework of providing the best online trading platform in South Africa, there are now numerous sites that offer this service. It is a matter of choosing the most appropriate to the style of each investor.

What is an online trading platform?

An online trading platform is a trading service that can be accessed through a specialized program or software. This online application is free and provides the possibility of investing in various assets and securities on the stock market.

Many trading platforms provide analysis and research tools, such as accurate charts that act as training on the subject. This is good for traders who are still learning how to trade online. Although its most important function is to help the trader to make investments. They also contribute real-time market quotes, which is an integral part of their service.

Trading Online for Beginners South Africa

Trading Online for Beginners South Africa

There are usually two kinds of service. On the one hand, the proprietary platforms are the ones that the large brokers have developed to meet their specific needs and display your trading style.

On the other hand, there are online trading platforms that are aimed at small investors who are dedicated to obtaining benefits from the assets they bet on. They are easy to use, and because they have informative means, training tools and demo profiles that help you get started in the world of investments. Demo accounts are necessary for online trading for beginners in South Africa as they journey into the world of online trading.

How to start trading online for beginners in South Africa?

To start trading online in South Africa, it is necessary to choose an online trading platform, and open an investment profile. It is relatively easy to find such a service when searching the Internet.

But it is advisable to research how the best online trading site in South Africa can work. It is enough to see on their web pages how their service works, the commission they charge and the level of security they have. It is also important what measures you offer before losing money, how your stop loss margins work.

What follows is to open a profile which is not very different from how you open an online profile on any other website.

How to register?

To open the profile or trading account in the trading service, simply choose the option “Register or Sign Up” that can be found highlighted on the home of the trading platform.

It is necessary to enter an email, a password, and complete any other information that is necessary. In general, this is followed by confirming the creation of the account by activating a link that will reach the email notifications.

How to open a demo account?

Many brokers / providers indicate the option “Create Demo Account” or “Create Demo Profile”. It is also often called a free trading room. However, in the same way as in the registration profile, an account is being created that initially contains certain virtual money to practice fictitious investment operations.

This is a resource worth taking advantage of to learn how online trading works and all the ins and outs of trading. It is ideal for those who still want to gain more trading experience. Just like beginners who want to try trading online in South Africa.

How to open a real account?

After you are done learning trading online for beginners in South Africa, it’s time to open a real trading account. A demo account becomes a real account by depositing money to trade. In some cases, the demo profile is still maintained as a way to practice operations, while others are carried out in parallel.

How to finance a deposit?

Trading providers offer numerous means of financing a deposit. You can make a bank transfer, pay with a credit or debit card or use virtual wallets such as Paypal, Payoneer, Skill, Neteler or Adv Cash.

Minimum deposit amount

In other times investing could be very expensive, and it was an activity that was not available to everyone. Now you can start with minimum amounts that are around 20 or 10 dollars.

How to withdraw money?

In the same way it is deposited, money can be withdrawn. You must choose the Withdraw Money option and then you must choose a means. It also includes bank transfer, or sending the funds to virtual wallets, which are accepted by the trading platform.

Commercial markets

Once the profile is created, it is time to start trading. Now it is possible to start investing in the stock market, in indices, in the trading of stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities or financial assets.

How to trade on the Stock Market in South Africa?

In the same way that happens in a traditional market, various financial assets such as stocks, bonds or currencies are traded on the stock market. As with all markets, it is governed by the law of supply and demand.

Each transaction happens when a seller and a buyer agree on a price for the operation in exchange for a certain amount of the traded assets.

These exchanges are currently carried out through computer systems without having to mediate meetings in physical terms.

How to trade indices?

A stock index is a basket of stocks that represent companies in an item in a country. Therefore it is made up of a certain number of shares or companies that define a sector.

The value of an index can be calculated in several ways, the most common being the average of its component shares. The world’s stock indices include the largest companies in an economy.

Some examples of these are the CAC40 index from France, a country that also has the SBS 120. Others of great importance are Nasdaq 100, Dax 30, Nikkei 225 and Ibex 35.

They are usually chosen from the list of assets on an investment platform, where you can choose one of these indices, indicate an amount, leverage and schedule the closing of the operation.

How to trade stocks in South Africa?

Shares are parts of the capital of a company. Each party makes investors a co-owner in proportion to the capital provided for the acquisition, and for larger shareholders it is possible to access dividends from a company.

Smaller investors can purchase shares in larger companies through an online investment platform. They can select an amount to be acquired, the level of leverage and program the moment when it is calculated that the operation is going to go up, to successfully close the operation.

Trading Online for Beginners in South Africa

Trading Online for Beginners in South Africa

Currency trading

The foreign exchange market consists of buying and selling currencies in order to obtain benefits due to its higher price. It is the largest trade in the world, since it handles much larger volumes than those used in the stock market, or in any other.

With a volume of around 4 trillion dollars traded worldwide, online currency trading has the highest liquidity in the world. This opens the possibility of acquiring any currency in large quantities 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, which is the way this financial market operates around the world.

How to trade currencies?

The most frequent way of operating with currencies also called Forex is buying a foreign currency in order to speculate with the increase in its value. For this, the most valued currencies at present are the dollar and the euro.

These currencies are traded as pairs. Such is the aforementioned case of Dollar / Euro. The first is the base currency, which is the one in which you buy and the second currency is the secondary currency and is the one you want to acquire.

Each pair has two prices: the selling price of the currency and the buying price. The difference between the two is called the spread.

In a trading platform you enter to predict the value that a foreign currency will have. You bet on the price that it will go up or down.

Buying a currency at one security and selling it at a higher one is when you make a difference or profit.

Senior pairs

There are numerous currencies in the world and each currency is represented by three letters. For example, the US dollar is USD, the euro is EUR and the Swiss franc is CHF. These are just some examples.

There are major and minor currencies. The former are those of the countries with the largest and strongest economies in the world. These include the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and New Zealand.

It can be said that some of the major pairs are:

  • EUR / USD – US dollar / euro.
  • USD / CHF – US dollar / Swiss franc.
  • EUR / JPY – euro / Japanese yen.
  • GBP / USD – British pound / US dollar.

Cryptocurrency trading

Since the birth of the most famous cryptocurrency, bitcoin, there is now a whole trade that develops around the commercialization of these virtual currencies. It is worn in two ways.

On the one hand, they can be acquired through platforms created to buy, sell and ultimately exchange digital currencies. They provide a virtual wallet that allows you to use these coins as a means of payment.

But another way to make money with them is through CFDS negotiations, which is what is done on trading platforms. In these, an investment amount is used and it is predicted if its value will rise or fall.

How to exchange bitcoins?

Whoever has bitcoins in their possession can use them to purchase products and services in companies that accept them as a method of payment. It is also possible to use them to send money to another country with minimal expenses.

To earn money, you can also enter a trading platform and invest an amount to predict whether its value will increase or decrease.

How to trade Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second strongest cryptocurrency in the world. It is currently used in numerous investment operations worldwide. In the same way, every day it is accepted more as a means of payment for products and services.

It is also possible to choose them in an investment service to predict whether it will increase or decrease in value.

Commodity trade

Raw materials are essential commodities for world trade. There are soft materials that are essential foods for daily life, and hard that are used for industry.

Every day it is invested in materials such as gold, silver, and crude oil that are fundamental elements that are traded on the stock market.

How to trade metals?

Metals are very important in commodity trading. They are regularly sought after for use in various industries. The most traded are gold and silver.

How to trade gold?

Buying gold in physical form is not really an option for many people. The best way to invest in this metal is through platforms where you can invest in funds that work to extract it or simply increase or decrease its value.

How to trade silver?

The same is true of silver, the second most sought after metal. It is possible to buy shares in funds that include companies that extract it or choose it among the raw materials and choose an amount, a purchase value or a sale value depending on whether it reaches a certain price.

How to trade crude oil?

Crude oil is a fundamental element in the economy, since many sources of energy depend on it, and the production of various materials. On a platform it is possible to invest in shares in oil companies, or in their value itself as production material.

How to trade assets?

Another very important part of trading is trading assets like CFDS, ETFS, and binary options. Thanks to the tools of investment services they can be done easily and effectively.

How to trade with CFDS?

A contract for difference is a popular form of derivatives trading. It allows to speculate on the increase or the fall of the prices of the global financial markets that have great movements like Forex, indices, raw materials, stocks and treasury bills.

An effective way to do this is on an investment platform that lists the assets on which you can bet on their possible growth.

How to trade ETFS?

The term ETFS comes from the English Exchanged Traded Founds. These are real index funds that are traded on the stock market and that track the performance of an index. Some of these are the CAC40 or the Euronext 100. These are products that can be bought and sold during the same day.

In an online platform it is possible to predict its increase or decrease with respect to its initial value.

How to trade binary options?

Binary options are simple trading tools that allow you to predict in the financial markets by betting on a hypothesis. It is about anticipating if the value of an asset will be lower or higher than the price at the time of placing the investment order.

If the hypothesis is correct, the investor recovers the money from the bet plus a predefined percentage on the platform. In addition, the options in online binary trading are open to people who wish to forecast this online.

Online trading security

Now that online trading is a common currency, it is natural that there is concern about the security offered by exchange platforms. After all, millions of people trade online every day, and sometimes their online identity can be compromised.

How safe is it to trade online?

The good news is that numerous online security measures have been developed to counter these possible threats. The sites where payments are made have the best encryptions that are very difficult to bypass. Just look at your URL that starts with Https, where the S is indicative of security measures.

My online operations are protected

In most cases, it can be stated that financial operations have the necessary security levels and that means of payment can be used without the risk that they will be usurped in any way.

When in doubt, it is valid to consult the Customer Service to confirm that these measures have been taken and that they are ready to protect online transactions.

Trading online for beginners FAQs

Get all the answers about online trading for beginners in South Africa.

Is online trading safe?

Virtually all trusted sites have security measures that protect their users’ data. It is part of a customer service that they must establish so that they wish to continue operating on their platforms.

Is Online Trading Profitable?

Because the Internet reaches an unlimited number of people, online trading in South Africa has grown and offers a higher level of profitability, since it has no geographical borders.

How do I start trading online for beginners in South Africa?

To start investing, just choose a platform and open a profile. After loading funds or an accepted means of payment it is possible to start trading.

How much do I need for daily trading?

The amounts may vary, but it is now possible to invest minimal amounts of money. Some are around $ 10 or $ 20.

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