List of Successful Forex Traders in South Africa and their Successful Stories

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Are you interested in Forex and you are not sure if forex really works? Below is a list of successful forex traders in South Africa and their success stories to motivate you. You may have heard that forex trading beginners are lucky and make their first profit when they open real trading account. As a beginner, you may not become a billionaire, but you can be a profitable forex trader in South Africa. Moreover, can make a stable profit every month. Have money to pay bills, travel, and invest in real estate.

List of Successful Forex Traders in South Africa

Forex trading is very volatile with a volume of more than $5.3 trillion dollars traded on average daily. With the right tools and techniques, you too can become a successful trader and become one of the best traders in South Africa just like Ref Wayne and Sandile Shezi. These two are some of the richest forex traders in Africa.

To help you understand how much do top Forex traders make, we’ve decided to discuss some of the strategies top forex traders in the world use.  There are best forex traders in South Africa and you can follow their stories online as a beginner.

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Most Successful South African Forex Traders

When it comes to forex, you will hear different opinions. Some people say it’s a scam and you will lose money. It is designed to make you lose money and only forex brokers benefit. Luckily, there are successful forex traders stories that will motivate you. FX is not like gambling, it requires you to understand the market, have enough knowledge and implement strategies to master online FX trading. Most successful forex traders in South Africa such as Sandile Shezi, Steve Cohen, or George Soros, accumulate their wealth through trading online.

Forex Traders South Africa

Another forex myth is that you must have lots of money to become successful. People who are successful invested a lot of money. Logically, the more money you put in, the more money you earn. There’s a part of the truth in the above statement.

However, you don’t need to start trading forex with a higher amount. In South Africa, you can start trading forex from as little as $5 (70 ZAR). Most brokers recommend a minimum deposit of between $200 and $500 to open a trading account.

If you want to trade forex and don’t think it’s possible to become rich, we suggest you check out our list of successful forex traders in South Africa and see how they make it. Do forex traders pay tax in South Africa? Well, read on to find out for yourself.

List of Successful Forex Traders in South Africa

  • George Van Der Riet
  • Sandile Shezi
  • Ref Wayne
  • Jabulani ‘Cashflow’ Ngcobo
  • Simz D’ Mandla
  • Louis Tshakoane Junior

Most successful female Forex traders in SA

Truly speaking, the foreign exchange market is the male-dominated industry. However, nothing is stopping some female traders to become the most successful female forex traders in South Africa. Over the past years, we’ve seen young black female venturing in the forex industry and they are very successful in trading forex. Stories of successful female forex traders in SA are worth reading and below are some of the women who are successful in it.

  • Nelisiwe Masango
  • Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester
  • Reabetswe Shongwe

Top 10 richest forex traders in South Africa

The below is a list of top 10 richest Forex traders SA who invest in currency

  1. Jabulani “Cashflow” Ngcobo
  2. Simz D’ Mandla
  3. Mike Ndlovu
  4. Reabetswe Shongwe
  5. Sandile Shezi
  6. Louis Tshakoane Junior
  7. Ref Wayne
  8. George van der Riet
  9. Nelisiwe Masango
  10. Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester

How to get rich in Forex

There are so many ways that South Africans can get rich through forex. Most people tend to ask our researchers this question “how to get rich in forex?” we have developed some online trading tips on how to be rich in foreign exchange trading.

Trading Forex is not easy. We know that most of you want to have a luxury life, drink the most expensive campaigns, drive expensive cars, show off luxury lifestyle on Instagram and stay in a big mansion. Another thing, you want to be part of the top forex traders in SA list just like George Van Der Riet.

Tips for getting rich in forex:

Below are some of the tips some best forex traders in South Africa use. Let’s see how SA home traders make money through forex.

1. Limit Your Losses – do not spend the money you do not have. The foundation of your success in trading foreign exchange is the money you spend to speculate on foreign currencies. For example, if you deposit R10 000 and you lose 100% of the money, it is game over for you. It is always important to draw a budget and know how much you are willing to spend on your forex account. You can limit the risk of losing money by using stop loss and other functions that come with fx trading platforms.

2. Study the foreign exchange market – studying the foreign exchange markets is one of the most important tips that one should follow. You can’t just decide to trade foreign currencies and expect to be rich by not studying how it works. There are forex brokers that offer demo accounts to South African traders. Demo accounts are designed to help you learn how to trade with fake money before trading with real money.

3. Choose a good forex broker – there are many good forex brokers you can choose from here in South Africa. You cannot become rich in forex if you are trading with a broker that does not provide good foreign exchange services. Choose one broker that meets all your needs and stick to it. If you are not sure if they provide good services, make sure that you read their reviews. Check what other people are saying about the company. Customer feedback is always important and you must never ignore it.

4. Use brain – there are a lot of lazy people out there who think everything comes easily. They don’t want to think out of the box and come up with good trading strategies which will help them become rich. Use your brain wisely.

5. The pace matters – the speed is always important, you need to work fast. According to our research, 99% of the FX market doesn’t work in real time. Here is how many South Africans make lots of money in Forex, they know that it takes a few seconds even minutes of an event to take place. Therefore, this provides them a bigger correction to the exchange market. You can make millions if you answer only one second before a correction.

6. Motivation – motivation is key. If the motivation is there, you can become a good currency trader. Always remember the reasons you trade forex.

If you follow the above tips accurately, you can become rich and the best forex trader. You can at least make R10 million rand if you work harder. Don’t only follow these tips; you can also do another research on “how to become a millionaire by trading forex.”

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